Celebrating Recognition!

There are always amazing things happening in the Millis High School art department – this post is a quick highlight on a few special things from this Fall! These three photos are currently on display in The Massachusetts Art Ed Association Exhibit:High School Photography/Altered Images  as part of a continuing series of art education exhibitions in the second … Read moreCelebrating Recognition!


It‘s art fair season for art teachers. Time to hang hundreds of pieces of art made by the children we teach. It‘s the culmination of an entire year’s work. The prep is tedious and detail oriented but the result is glorious! It’s exciting to see everything displayed and observe the student’s, staff and family’s reactions.  … Read moreIDEAS TO MAKE HANGING A SCHOOL ART SHOW EASIER

The Base Of Success Is Failure As Failure Leads To Success

Why are we afraid to fail?  I have been contemplating this idea for a long time.  I think my pondering is initiated by the kids creating at Studio4Art and ask, “You can’t fail in art, right?”   Many, if not all art teachers share this wisdom with their students.  When students are told this, it … Read moreThe Base Of Success Is Failure As Failure Leads To Success


I like that I can talk about all of the elements of art when looking at something as simple as a leaf: the shape of the leaf; the lines and texture of the veins; the varying colors of each leaf; the cylinder formof the tree that the leaf came from. And when we complete this project, we chat about the values we created and the positive … Read moreLEAF RELIEF